It Goes Without Saying.....

Monday, January 25, 2010 2 comments
In my extended family, some things go without saying, like:
1. Will there be mashed potatoes? Of course, everybody eats mashed potatoes with nearly every meal!!!! Several of us went to Cracker Barrel and the waitress asked Granddaddy if he was ready to order..he was and said,"I'll have chicken and dumplins," and closed his menu..the waitress said,"What side would you like?" Granddaddy looked around the table and said,"What do you mean, I thought is was understood that mashed potatoes came with chicken and dumplins." It is just understood that any time we are together, there will be mashed potatoes.

2. Watching the family are diehard Kentucky Wildcat fans. If you call during the ballgame and say,"Whatcha doin?" the answer will ALWAYS be,"Watching the ballgame," there is never a need to explain who is playing or who is winning, as they are probably "watching the ballgame, too"......A few years my husband asked my great aunt which team we were cheering for, the blue or red, and he was given the death look! He didn't realize EVERYBODY cheers for the blue team.

In our family there are also some things we DO say that may not be common in other families:
1. I Love You, no matter the relationship, grandparents/grandchildren, aunt/niece, the conversations ends with either, I love you or Love you'all... About a week ago, my manly uncle (even though he wears nail polish), said,"Love you'all" before hanging up...every conversation ends that way.
2. How much did that cost? If a house or car is bought, someone will probably say,"How much you pay for that?" No need to get offended, just answer the question...they probably know the rest of your business anyway.

Talk to you soon, love you all!!


Some Things Never Change

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 No comments
OK, some things never change--- though most things around here are constantly changing. The cast of characters is the same, with a couple of additions... lots of things are similiar and several things are in a state of upheaval....same as everyone, I guess.

1. Big Daddy and I have celebrated our 16th anniversary and the anniversary of the 20th year we have known each other. He continues to work toward a mission....reach the time of retirement with a smile on his face. Seems we are happier at this very minute than ever..
2. I am currently not working, at least not a job I have to leave home for..taking kids to school, take the dogs outside, pick up the kids, take the dogs out--anything else I accomplish is icing on the cake.
3. The Future Trooper has grown a foot and it attached to his cell phone and its texting capablilties.
4. Little Girl is thriving in school but dealing with a tad of the "mean girls" time in life. She received a Slimed Dell mini for Christmas is trying out its bells and whistles. She has started playing basketball and is enjoying it.
3. The Angel is halfway through kindergarten and is officially a reader. He writes me notes telling how much he loves me.
4. We have added two new members to our family. Jasper, a goldendoodle, was brought home by Big Daddy (no kidding) in March and we have adjusted swimmingly..he's very smart and terribly spoiled. He sleeps on the bed more times than not and we pretend not to notice how big he really is. Piper, a long haired dachshund pound puppy, has been with us since September and is spoiled rotten. She has chewed several lamp cords and has torn the fringe from my "good pillows." We love her anyway.

We have gone public with our plans to move to Eastern Ky..we are actively in negotiations to buy a house. It's a painful process and that is after the money is acquired! People are funny when it comes to selling their property, all I'm saying.. Our realtor is a pit bull (in a wonderfully good way) and helps us at every turn.

I feel better already knowing before long we will officially be residents of the Daniel Boone National Forest, the 606 area code and a just around the corner from my favorite people. Daily I am reassured that it is the right thing to do and I am anxious to have it DONE! Talk to you soon