Sights from a Pumpkin Farm

Thursday, October 7, 2010
 Big Daddy and I accompanied a certain first grade class to the Pumpkin Farm.....We had great fun, ate peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and thanked the Lord we had not become first grade the pumpkin farm, we saw......
Corn shocks (are they shocks if they are still standing, I don't know),

Baby goats in a feeding trough...I yearn for baby goats. If anyone has an extra baby goat or two, please drop it off at my new house (its the yellow one on the left)

Lots of first graders doing things they probably shouldn't. A certain little boy (one that DIDNT have my last name) was climbing on a hay bale that had a sign that stated: CLIMB THROUGH, NOT ON.
I said,"See the sign?  You aren't supposed to climb ON."  He replied,"But I can't read."  He had a point there.

AND, of course, scads of pumpkins and gourds. The gourds remind me of my friend Libby who makes the most wonderful crafts from gourds!
I found out after we left the Pumpkin Farm that my Angel found the perfect pumpkin for his dad and had a lady write Bid Daddy's name on the bottom with a magic marker---only to discover that it wasn't the "perfect" choice and ditch it by the path. Don't be surprised it you visit our patch and see a certain "nearly perfect" pumpkin with Big Daddy's name on the bottom.  Feel free to mark it out and add your own name!  Happy Fall!


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