There's No Question

Sunday, October 17, 2010
Yesterday, Big Daddy,  the kids and I went to Preston Court Days.  We had a wonderful time shopping for crafts, the boys looked at guns and knives and Little Girl found the "most awesomeness" of purses and a matching wallet! As we walked down the rows of booths we saw chickens, ducks, bunnies and PUPPIES!  Yes, PUPPIES....  we saw a chihuahua, a beagle and even dachshunds!  My Angel stopped at each cage or pen and pet each dog and whispered in their ears before I pulled him away.  We stopped to eat hotdogs and my Angel said,"Mama, I just can't TAKE IT!"  I couldn't imagine what could possibly be that serious....and HE SAID,"All these dogs and I can't take any of them home."  There is no question--he is MY CHILD! I'll tell you about the goats once I get over the disappointment of it all........

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