After Santa

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I know I have been a very bad blogger....just busy...all the usual excuses!  Anyway, here are pictures after Santa came!  Thunder tore off some of the paper and several gifts had to be rewrapped and removed from the tree....

Halloween is Coming!!!

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Little Girls Self portrait
The Angel's Angry Bird Pumpkin

Flag Football

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This is the first year for my baby to play flag football!  He loves it.  Back in the summer he begged me to let him play football.  I said they probably didn't let little fellas play football....he had already heard all about it at daycamp.  He ditched daycamp but held on to the dream of playing football.  After the first practice he said the coach told him he was a good athlete....a monster was created!  Below you will see Touchdown #2....My friend Kris told him she would teach him how to do a back flip for his next touchdown...he is considering it.....

They matter...the work we do matters...

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An Angel with puppies
Those of you that are my Facebook "friend" know that we are currently knee deep in fostering dogs and puppies.  We sent out first foster dog off to law school with his new momma.  We kept him in our home in lieu of him staying at the local dog shelter.  We taught him what having a real family will be like and he taught us what really matters.  He taught us to get along with everyone, have fun every minute and appreciate a good back rub!  We will miss you Dewey and hope you enjoy law school.
When Future Trooper and I decided to foster dogs someone said "why would you want to do THAT"?  Well, because it matters.  Animals matter and the opportunity to have a small piece in making a difference in a dogs life matters to me.  Dogs have been a HUGE part of my 42 years and my children have had at least one dog every minute of their lives!  Animals matter in the whole darn scheme of things....

We currently have Ruby.  Ruby is a dobie/shepherd/rott mix with an emphasis on the MIX.  She is a load of fun and is very well behaved.  Yes, she has had an accident or two--so what, who hasn't?

We also currently have 7 puppies in our "foster home".  They are Snow Leopard, Twin Leopard, Charlotte, Sophie, Andi, Lady Di, and Lion.  They have been a lot of work but certainly a ton of fun.  They will be with us another week and then move on to their forever home to somebodies best friend. 

We have had a ball--Big Daddy and Future Trooper were in charge of putting the fencing up, Angel and Little Girl are in charge of babysitting and bathing and I am the head supervisor of all of it.  Which leaves me with feeding and raking the pen.  Every time I walk to the fence and Lion runs over to see me or Sophie and Andi (called "The Cry Babies") whimper when I leave, I remember it is worth it.


The New Kid Causing Trouble!

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THIS is the new kid...he's trouble.  He is just a baby and probably hasn't had a real home before but he has done very well adjusting to our family.  He likes to play....tug o' war......

And More tug o' war...with Piper's toy...she is not amused...but, all is well UNTIL.....

The referee steps in....

Through the eyes of a child!

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Saturday was a very important day for our family.  Big Daddy and I took Little Girl and Future Trooper to a concert at Rupp Arena.  It was a surprise for Little Girl's birthday.  We got tickets to see Kenny Chesney!  He has been Little Girl's favorite for YEARS.  These are some things I overheard my 11 year old say while sitting at Rupp Arena.  She is exceptional, yes!
1.  Uncle Kracker only has a banner with his name on it, I bet Kenny's set looks a lot better.
2.  I can't believe Kenny Chesney and I are in the same room....(with 20,000 of our closest friends)* my thought
3.  As the two couples in front of us are snapping 100 or more pictures of themselves I heard her say,"I guess we are gonna be in every one of there family pictures....HOW MANY PICTURES DO THEY NEED?"
4.  As a drunk guy in our row walked across our feet 4 times, she said,"THAT IS YOUR LAST TIME, BUDDY"
5.  As he came back she said,"Thank goodness, he got two beers, maybe he will be able to sit still for a while."
6.  Singing, "I'll sit right here and have another beer in Mexico......"
7.  Watching the girls in front of us (dubbed The Fun Girls by Future Trooper) she said,"Mom, we should have choreographed some moves to go with Kenny songs."
8.  "Daddy, you won't cry if he sings The Little Girl Song, will you?" 
9.  "OHHHH, this one's my favorite..." *heard that one several times.
10.  "The other kids at school have Justin Bieber t-shirts and I have Kenny Chesney."

If you want to see a great country show, Kenny can do it!

I did not...nor, would I EVER.....

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Since my last post, I have not and WOULD NEVER.....

Have every single one of my cat's teeth removed.  My vet DID NOT SAY, "Don't ask him to whistle" (he's a heartless man).....

I DID NOT say "Everybody go to your rooms before I hurt one of you"  to my children.....

I DID NOT spray a lot of Febreze and hope I wouldn't have to figure out what 'THAT' smell was....

I would never just give clothes in my closet to Goodwill just because I was too tired to try them on.....

I would never bake homemade chocolate chip cookies twice in a week and eat most of them.....

I did not ask my baby if he wanted to spend the night at Nana's knowing he would run to her and say,"CAN I spend the night?"  (and she would let him)

I did NOT make a scrapbook page of my crazy dog and hang it on my office wall because he cheers me up.

I did not say,"What a great idea" when my girl named her go-cart Rhonda!

I did not try to make light of a serious situation and try to convince people I was NOT worried!!

That about clears it up...I DID NOT do any of the things listed above....thank you.

Basketball and More Basketball

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SHEWWWW!  I have luckily had a few days off before the next game.  I will certainly require a nap before tonight's 9:45 game starts.  It has been a hectic week in basketball in my part of the world.  Game one was witnesses by most of around here on a big screen in a conference room on campus.  Morehead State beat University of Louisville in a last second shot.  Immediately after the shop, the whole campus erupted in screams and car was so exciting to see a hardworking little team bring down the big "RED" giants from across the state.
It is such to good feeling for the underdog to prevail every once in a while.  This was one of the biggest stories in Morehead history (yes, we are serious about basketball around here.)

Move to High School sports.....Adam Wing and the Rowan County Vikings played in the final game of the staet tournament.  THIS is the first time in RC history that a team has even won a game in the state tournament.  WAY back in 1987, the team went to the state tournament and we were out of school  as we took busses and such to Lexington to cheer on our team.  We lost in the first round but it was still thrilling!

Anyway, spring back to the present.  This game was certainly a thriller.  The team is run by a sophomore (also the quarterback of the football team) while his dad dies his hair green and plays his trumpet in the pep band.  Rowan County and Christian County were well matched and ended up in OT.  SHEW!  I don't do OT the risk of being called a sore loser I will close saying....we were robbed of the 3 that would have won the game not needing the second OT to finish up!  Anyway, there are no replays in high school basketball so the mighty Vikings went home in 2nd place. I have the picture to prove my point but it is after noon on Friday and I don't really have the energy to show it to you......

The favorite CATS have won since the disappointment game and are playing again tonight.  I wonder how many times this week my grandmother has given her take on the upcoming game with Ohio State and Duke's loss or said,"Look how many empty seats there are"  (I say it too).  I say the same as always,"Go Cats and STEP UP DARIUS, YOU ARE THE MAN!" 

To the two or three non basketball fans that may be reading--I am not sorry but will try to come up with something to interest you all after the ballgame.

Our Family has had DEATH.

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The words of a 7 year old.  His first grade teacher asked him how he was and his reply was,"Our family has had DEATH." That is it...beginning to end. A few weeks ago, our sweet neighbor was killed in a freak accident.  It just doesn't seem real.
  Every time I see a black truck on our road, I am so tempted to raise my hand to wave--knowing it is HIM. 
I worry about the neighborhood animals now that WE don't have HIM.
I wonder if my husband will be as happy HERE without HIM.
I wonder where the men, or THE FORKERS, as I call them, will continue to hang out and not lose that...
I worry about his wife of 25 years, BUT, am comforted when she laughs about funny stuff he did or said or is OK doing things a little different than HE would have done it.
She is getting good at saying....I CAN.... to people that feel she needs taking care of.....
I knew she was a tough chick before this and have not been disappointed! 

My wonderful grandfather died 2 days after my neighbor.  It was not a huge surprise as he was old and in poor health.  I choose to remember him the way he was 25 years ago...
He loved the Lord, my Mema, his children and grandchildren and Kentucky Basketball! He was a witty man with a dry sense of humor and was loved by many.  When I was a little girl he bought us white sand for our sandbox every year.  It didn't remain white very long due to the proximity to the red Virginia clay!   He took us to amusement parks and rode the log ride over and over and over....  He let me ride the lawn mower with him and he sang,"Delta Dawn."  I wonder now how he even knew the wasn't exactly his genre of music! 
He loved my grandmother and was a wonderful example of a good husband. I will never forget (as long as I live) the time my sister and I and my grandparents went clothes shopping for my grandmother.  She was shopping for underwear (shhhhh, don't say it out loud).  Granddaddy and I rode the escalator about 10 times and he spoke to all the mannequins and shook their hands after commenting on their outfits.  We were about half way across the womens lingerie department when he found a HUGE pair of women's underwear--he picked them up and said very loudly,"Dorothy, Dorothy how about these?"
--and held up the underwear.  She was so embarrassed and said,"STANLEY" (as she did about a million times in their 65 year marriage.  I miss you granddaddy.