Basketball and More Basketball

Friday, March 25, 2011
SHEWWWW!  I have luckily had a few days off before the next game.  I will certainly require a nap before tonight's 9:45 game starts.  It has been a hectic week in basketball in my part of the world.  Game one was witnesses by most of around here on a big screen in a conference room on campus.  Morehead State beat University of Louisville in a last second shot.  Immediately after the shop, the whole campus erupted in screams and car was so exciting to see a hardworking little team bring down the big "RED" giants from across the state.
It is such to good feeling for the underdog to prevail every once in a while.  This was one of the biggest stories in Morehead history (yes, we are serious about basketball around here.)

Move to High School sports.....Adam Wing and the Rowan County Vikings played in the final game of the staet tournament.  THIS is the first time in RC history that a team has even won a game in the state tournament.  WAY back in 1987, the team went to the state tournament and we were out of school  as we took busses and such to Lexington to cheer on our team.  We lost in the first round but it was still thrilling!

Anyway, spring back to the present.  This game was certainly a thriller.  The team is run by a sophomore (also the quarterback of the football team) while his dad dies his hair green and plays his trumpet in the pep band.  Rowan County and Christian County were well matched and ended up in OT.  SHEW!  I don't do OT the risk of being called a sore loser I will close saying....we were robbed of the 3 that would have won the game not needing the second OT to finish up!  Anyway, there are no replays in high school basketball so the mighty Vikings went home in 2nd place. I have the picture to prove my point but it is after noon on Friday and I don't really have the energy to show it to you......

The favorite CATS have won since the disappointment game and are playing again tonight.  I wonder how many times this week my grandmother has given her take on the upcoming game with Ohio State and Duke's loss or said,"Look how many empty seats there are"  (I say it too).  I say the same as always,"Go Cats and STEP UP DARIUS, YOU ARE THE MAN!" 

To the two or three non basketball fans that may be reading--I am not sorry but will try to come up with something to interest you all after the ballgame.

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