Our Family has had DEATH.

Thursday, March 10, 2011
The words of a 7 year old.  His first grade teacher asked him how he was and his reply was,"Our family has had DEATH." That is it...beginning to end. A few weeks ago, our sweet neighbor was killed in a freak accident.  It just doesn't seem real.
  Every time I see a black truck on our road, I am so tempted to raise my hand to wave--knowing it is HIM. 
I worry about the neighborhood animals now that WE don't have HIM.
I wonder if my husband will be as happy HERE without HIM.
I wonder where the men, or THE FORKERS, as I call them, will continue to hang out and not lose that...
I worry about his wife of 25 years, BUT, am comforted when she laughs about funny stuff he did or said or is OK doing things a little different than HE would have done it.
She is getting good at saying....I CAN.... to people that feel she needs taking care of.....
I knew she was a tough chick before this and have not been disappointed! 

My wonderful grandfather died 2 days after my neighbor.  It was not a huge surprise as he was old and in poor health.  I choose to remember him the way he was 25 years ago...
He loved the Lord, my Mema, his children and grandchildren and Kentucky Basketball! He was a witty man with a dry sense of humor and was loved by many.  When I was a little girl he bought us white sand for our sandbox every year.  It didn't remain white very long due to the proximity to the red Virginia clay!   He took us to amusement parks and rode the log ride over and over and over....  He let me ride the lawn mower with him and he sang,"Delta Dawn."  I wonder now how he even knew the song..it wasn't exactly his genre of music! 
He loved my grandmother and was a wonderful example of a good husband. I will never forget (as long as I live) the time my sister and I and my grandparents went clothes shopping for my grandmother.  She was shopping for underwear (shhhhh, don't say it out loud).  Granddaddy and I rode the escalator about 10 times and he spoke to all the mannequins and shook their hands after commenting on their outfits.  We were about half way across the womens lingerie department when he found a HUGE pair of women's underwear--he picked them up and said very loudly,"Dorothy, Dorothy how about these?"
--and held up the underwear.  She was so embarrassed and said,"STANLEY" (as she did about a million times in their 65 year marriage.  I miss you granddaddy.

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