Through the eyes of a child!

Monday, May 16, 2011
Saturday was a very important day for our family.  Big Daddy and I took Little Girl and Future Trooper to a concert at Rupp Arena.  It was a surprise for Little Girl's birthday.  We got tickets to see Kenny Chesney!  He has been Little Girl's favorite for YEARS.  These are some things I overheard my 11 year old say while sitting at Rupp Arena.  She is exceptional, yes!
1.  Uncle Kracker only has a banner with his name on it, I bet Kenny's set looks a lot better.
2.  I can't believe Kenny Chesney and I are in the same room....(with 20,000 of our closest friends)* my thought
3.  As the two couples in front of us are snapping 100 or more pictures of themselves I heard her say,"I guess we are gonna be in every one of there family pictures....HOW MANY PICTURES DO THEY NEED?"
4.  As a drunk guy in our row walked across our feet 4 times, she said,"THAT IS YOUR LAST TIME, BUDDY"
5.  As he came back she said,"Thank goodness, he got two beers, maybe he will be able to sit still for a while."
6.  Singing, "I'll sit right here and have another beer in Mexico......"
7.  Watching the girls in front of us (dubbed The Fun Girls by Future Trooper) she said,"Mom, we should have choreographed some moves to go with Kenny songs."
8.  "Daddy, you won't cry if he sings The Little Girl Song, will you?" 
9.  "OHHHH, this one's my favorite..." *heard that one several times.
10.  "The other kids at school have Justin Bieber t-shirts and I have Kenny Chesney."

If you want to see a great country show, Kenny can do it!

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