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Monday, July 18, 2011

An Angel with puppies
Those of you that are my Facebook "friend" know that we are currently knee deep in fostering dogs and puppies.  We sent out first foster dog off to law school with his new momma.  We kept him in our home in lieu of him staying at the local dog shelter.  We taught him what having a real family will be like and he taught us what really matters.  He taught us to get along with everyone, have fun every minute and appreciate a good back rub!  We will miss you Dewey and hope you enjoy law school.
When Future Trooper and I decided to foster dogs someone said "why would you want to do THAT"?  Well, because it matters.  Animals matter and the opportunity to have a small piece in making a difference in a dogs life matters to me.  Dogs have been a HUGE part of my 42 years and my children have had at least one dog every minute of their lives!  Animals matter in the whole darn scheme of things....

We currently have Ruby.  Ruby is a dobie/shepherd/rott mix with an emphasis on the MIX.  She is a load of fun and is very well behaved.  Yes, she has had an accident or two--so what, who hasn't?

We also currently have 7 puppies in our "foster home".  They are Snow Leopard, Twin Leopard, Charlotte, Sophie, Andi, Lady Di, and Lion.  They have been a lot of work but certainly a ton of fun.  They will be with us another week and then move on to their forever home to somebodies best friend. 

We have had a ball--Big Daddy and Future Trooper were in charge of putting the fencing up, Angel and Little Girl are in charge of babysitting and bathing and I am the head supervisor of all of it.  Which leaves me with feeding and raking the pen.  Every time I walk to the fence and Lion runs over to see me or Sophie and Andi (called "The Cry Babies") whimper when I leave, I remember it is worth it.


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