Tips for Dog Owners!

Friday, April 27, 2012
Hello people!
After 4 months I am preach!

I am frustrated and (frankly) tired of people making unedicated and DUMB choices when it does to pet ownership. So, here tips to consider BEFORE getting dog. I volunteer with a dog rescue group but every single tip here is my own...blame me!

1. BEFORE you get a dog consider the breed standard.  The AKC website is a good place to do some research.  For example, the standard will tell you a border collie needs to be kept busy.  They are not good apartment dwellers with little exercise!

2. Size matters!  If you want a giant breed, spend time with one before you get one.  A great dane puppy is adorable but in about 8 months they are the size of a grown person.  If you don't have the room to house a GROWN PERSON, don't get a dane.  Plus, if you have a limited budget or an aversion to poop, pick another breed.  I have had two danes that I loved dearly; I know from which I speak.

A tiny dog has issues, too.  One cannot expect an animal with a little TINY bladder to not potty frequently. They need to eat tiny meals throughout the day and ,therefore, potty throughout the day.  If you are dedicated to feeding and taking outside, a tiny dog may be okay.  I have a friend, Shirley, that has a little yorkie and she (faithfully) spends her lunch hours at home with her.  She feeds her and gives her the opportunity to potty in lieu of having a lunch with friends.  Shirley is a GOOD dog momma. 

3.  Your local shelter probably has the breed you are interested them and ask.  Don't just stop by and look in the cages---actually talk to someone that works (or better, someone that volunteers there)!  They may know of a dog that really needs a home and would be perfect for your family. A friend recently adopted a 5-6 lb yorkie from our local pound.  A man bought the dog from a breeder and then his kids did take care of it: he ended up at the pound.  He is a wonderful little fella and was given away by people that did not do enough research before buying him.

4. Mutts are good, too.  The dogs I have now are purebred, none of which I paid for...two chihuahuas, two dachshunds and a goldendoodle.  But, my family had the best dog ever and he was a mutt that we spent much time guessing his origins!  Don't overlook the mutts or the older dog.  You aren't a spring chicken either, why do you need a puppy?  My friend, Lynn, and are have decided we like dogs our own speed...a little slower!

5. Designer Breeds...are mutts, too.  Bottom line! Please don't pay $$ for a mixed breed that looks just like the guy at the pound. 

6.  If you are REALLY concerned about your dogs lineage...I'm good with that.  Do your homework.  My friend's family likes a certain breed.  They do a TON of research of the breeder as well as the dogs parentage before buying a dog.  They see the parents and the home the dog was born into. 

7.  Most pet store dogs come from puppy mills...don't believe me?  Ask the pet store where they got the dog...I bet you won't get a reasonable answer.  If they give it to you, visit the home!  Reputable breeders have waiting lists and don't mind you seeing where there dogs are raised. They don't need a pet store to do their marketing, they have standards in owners, too!

8.  If you need to rehome your a rescue. A free ad on Craigslist for your best friend may result in him living the rest of his life as a bait dog or in a lab. 


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