The States

Tuesday, June 5, 2012
I just sent these babies on a transport to their forever homes!  We will certainly miss them.  They are Cali (California), Maryland, Arizona and Georgia.  Georgia was my favorite, she is the tri color one. 
Fostering is HARD but so very rewarding. "The States" were skinny and a little skittish when we got them and now they are well fed and social.  I'll miss the girls!
Every time I get new fosters someone ask,"What breed are they?"  I reply,"Ummm, I didn't know their parents but my guess is...."  This time was tricky.  Cali had two blue eyes and Arizona had one blue and one brown. BUT, Maryland and Arizona had shorter legs and short tails...then there was Georgia!  I would guess Aussie/ Jack Russell/ Neighbor Tri-Color Dog is their heritage.

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