Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ta da!!

I can't tell you how thrilled I am with my $70 bookshelves! Just a little sanding, priming and pink glossy paint and Ta Da! The rest of the room is almost done....the TV is leaving....Big Daddy calls it the 72 Plymouth model.  I am going for the 2013 model next.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Scrapbook room

Ok, so, one of the reasons we bought this house is because it has so many dang bedrooms. Yes the heating/air is crappy, insulation is nonexistent .......but there are 5 bedrooms plus a bonus room. That can only mean one thing...I can have a craft room! Until now, one of the two bedrooms on the main floor has been my craft/scrapbook room. The bonus room has been a playroom and the other bedrooms are WELL, bedrooms! 
The playroom seemed like a great idea! The kids would hang out and watch tv and keep their crap up there. Sounded good..didn't happen.  It became a catch all for crap. Fast forward...the bonus room is being transformed into a new craft and the old craft room will be a game room until we can come up with something better anyway.
My point?  Like the rest of the world I am obsessed with Pinterest. I have an entire board labeled scrapbook/craft room. Here are my faves. Hopefully one or two will show up in my new room.
Okay, SO, my current desk is the white one from Pottery Barn.  I love it and it wasn't cheap so it will stay. My color scheme will remain the same as current.  The walls are turqoise and the accessories are pink and black with silver lamps, etc.  I LOVE IT.  Big Daddy is shocked that anyone would want THAT color on their walls, but....WHATEVER.
I love the large "island".  I am looking for something that will sit in the middle of the room and is all enough to stand and work comfortably.  The chair, you say?? What's not to love! Stay tuned. Big Daddy is getting ready (any minute) to lay the wood floor....

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