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Saturday, April 12, 2014
It appears spring may have come to our little corner of the universe.  I was a perfect 70-ish degrees today and we needed every degree of it (Carol Burnett reference...anyone?) We have all been cooped up and cranky with each other...since Fall...even the bird has been crankier than usual.  I little sunshine even perked him up a bit.

As the blog states this is intended to give you random bits from our busy family. Here goes random:

1.  Future Trooper joined the Kentucky National Guard in October and we are all planning for his trip to South Carolina for basic training. It will certainly be a tough day but a wonderful step in achieving his goals.

2.  Sister is (at least) 5 feet 8 inches tall and still has flaming red locks and a spicy sense of humor and sassy attitude.  She is consumed with friends and volleyball.  She is really enjoying reading the classes...not.

3.  My baby boy, AKA, The Angel is involved in nearly every activity that comes his way. His brother takes him to Boy Scouts, which they both love.  He is also involved in archery.  In a tournament today he shot all 7's and 8's...I know NOTHING about archery but that seems pretty good for a fella with little stick arms.  He has also competed in academic team, and basketball and will start soccer in the summer. He has an incredibly messy room and every friend is described as "My best friend."

4. Big Daddy works, of course, and fixes stuff we break and occasionally has time to work on his own projects.

5.  We have grown by one guinea pig since I updated the pet list...and the bird, or course.  If you have never owned a bird you will not know how humorous it is to hear a bird yell, "STOP IT" in your voice. I had no idea how many times I say "SHUT UP" to my dogs in a days time.  Now Heckle does is for me.  Cracks me up every time!

6.  I have been working a couple days a week with my second family and enjoy every day.  I worked there in high school and through college and it came back pretty quick. It is even the very place I met Big Daddy.  Awwwww......25 short years ago!

That about gets you caught up from the last post.  I'll try to do better and look forward to filling you in on basketball and spring and life's other important issues.

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