Sunday, February 28, 2016
You may have noticed that my pictures of the supporting characters here at The Carlisle Connection have changed! It is a shock to me every day how they have grown and become such good, compassionate and wonderful people. Still a work in progress....but getting closer every day. Our goal is to raise self sufficient hard working adults. It's a process.
I took this picture the day before The Future Trooper graduated from basic training, August 2014.
He was so excited and ready to go as I cried like a fool. He turned to me as he got in the van to take him away and said, Don't cry Mama, smile and wave goodbye."  Song reference anyone?
Anyway, it was incredibly hard to wait for his calls and letters. Big Daddy knew what was going on at basic and found my misery mildly humorous. This "child" who never liked to read or write stories wrote wonderful detailed letters to us as well as his grandmother and great-grandmother.
I cannot describe how proud we were when he graduated from basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, 35 years after his dad did the same.
I have always thought our boys resembled me more and Little Girl looked more alike her dad and his people. This picture may have proved me wrong. Just maybe..
The Future Trooper is now an active member of ROTC and a Criminology major with a minor in Military Science. He is a good student and is on track to graduate a semester early. He saved his money from basic and bought himself a new car...a story for another post.
I'll be back soon.

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