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What If.....
What if THIS is your kid?
What if the first kid had one HUGE dream
What if he always wanted to be a helicopter pilot
What if he was happy to travel with his mother and grandmother UNTIL he saw a helicopter
What if his Dad knew it would happen
What if he chose an Army theme for every birthday party and Halloween costume
What if he decided to join the Guard at 17 and you had to sign for him
What if he went to basic training before he could vote
What if he left for weeks with only a Bad Company quote for his mom
What if he wrote letters to his Great Grandmother while he was gone
What if his mom cried through his basic graduation
What if he didn't really like school
What if he knew he HAD to have a degree to be an Army officer
What if he made the Dean's List
What if he joined ROTC
What if he went to PT before dawn
What if he jumped out of perfectly good airplanes
What if he graduated a semester earlier than his class
What if he was commissioned an Army officer the next day
What if he got a call a few weeks later asking if he could be in Fort Rucker in Jan
What if he didn't hesitate to load his beloved car and drive 10 hours to begin flight school
What if he now has a duplex with furniture and neighbors and cable TV
What if he makes his own dinner and takes out his trash
What if he completed dunker training
What if he is beginning a portion of training that his mother is scared to think about
What if his dad knows it will be beneficial and maybe life saving
What if the second kid is still so excited to be an Army officer