Juvenile Fiction is my life!

Sunday, March 4, 2018
My current juvenile fiction love is The Doldrums. How often are we gifted with a fabulous book with incredible illustrations? It's almost unheard of but the author and the illustrator are the SAME PERSON, Nicholas Gannon. I was in love after just a page or two. 
The premise is a family consisting of two parents an a child that is a "dreamer". Archer's father's parents are world renowned explorers and his mother is doing her best to make sure Archer isn't like "them." She desperately wants Archer to be normal. It very hard if you live in a four story house decorated by your explorer grandparents. The narrow house is in New York City and is FULL of taxidermy "pets" for Archer. He is often heard speaking to his animal pets much to the chagrin of his mother. His father is an attorney and MAY have been a dreamer at one stage but doesn't have much of it left. He does, however, realize that "being a Helmsley means something."
The grandparents are current lost and presumed dead after being abandoned on an iceberg. Archer gets packages tied with a red ribbon from his grandparents. He cherishes these journals and gifts from his grandparents. One of his favorites is a glass eye. He knows he is different and the gift of an eye proves his is really a Helmsley.
Archer doesn't have many friends because the other kids consider him as having 'a few too many cracks in his nut.'
Archer does have two very special friends, in addition to his many taxidermy friends. The boring life of summer is coming to an end and Archer and his friends will be attending a school known as The Button Factory.
In a nutshell, this book is fabulous! There is a sequel, too. It is described at a 'stand alone sequel', whatever that means. I will be buying the REAL book and will keep it forever. 

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