I'm surprised it took so long....

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Well, I thought it would happen LONG before now. 
A couple of days ago I was in my studio (really a craft room but studio sounds fancier) and my baby boy, who's 14, came hopping in and was in obvious distress. He hopped over and fell into the chair clearly in pain. My first thought was,"Wow, I can't believe it took this long..." 
My boy was playing soccer in the yard without shoes and hurt his foot. It already looked swollen on the top and the arch looked look oddly flat. We tried icing it and he went to bed.  The next morning he seemed to feel some better until it was time to put on his shoe! That's when I realized somebody's day was gonna be spent at a doctor's office. After visits to his GP, ER for X-rays, back to the GP and then to see the orthopedic nurse practitioner. The consensus was it was an avulsion fracture. In the grand scheme of breaks its the best kind. Again I thought, "I can't believe it took this long."
This child has had a variety of staples and stitches, 4 separate times, but has NEVER broken anything. I expected it long ago. He is very athletic and tends to tear up everything in his path. I've often thought of buying extra crutches and a boot just to be ready. He would need them at some point. 

 He clumped around in the boot for several days and finally was cleared to start practicing soccer again. Proof again that our household revolves around soccer. The foot has since healed and was proven just fine after scoring a goal in his first game back.

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