My Love of Dogs

If you've known me more than 5 minutes you know my love of dogs. I mean, I REALLY LOVE DOGS! I haven't brought a permanent addition home in 6 years though. Well, if you don't count Trudy and she isn't (technically) my dog. Nope, she isn't one of my 'approved breeds'. Most people have 'approved breeds', I'm sure. I mean, most  people don't love all breeds equally. My short list of favorites goes something like this:
1. Poodle, of any variation thereof to include golden doodles, labradoodles or the like.
2. Dachshund, prefer long hair but don't discriminate. They are one of those breeds that are hard to deal with but people seem to obsess over.
3. Irish Wolfhound, my newest approved breed. We've had Danes but never the majestic wolfhound. (I'm honing my speech to present to my family as the puppy waits in the car. Not really but could easily happen. )
4. Shetland Sheepdog, just added to the list. By 'just added' I mean this very second. I saw a picture of the merle sheepdog and it was instantly elevated to approved breed status. Never had one and the hair would certainly have a steep learning curve. Maybe they are on the newly made "Pending Approved Breed list."
Look at those faces, they are gorgeous! I'm officially doing research. 
Any of these breeds are welcome to stop by for a visit and see how it goes. A couple of my family members are not quite so open to my openness but they are a work in progress.

Disclaimer: I have had 2 chihuahuas. My boy, who was a stray was my best buddy for several years. We were certainly a bonded pair. That being said, my family isn't keen on chihuahuas. Whatever.
We have had 2 Great Danes. I love the breed but they just don't live long enough for me to enjoy. 

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